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Added light

August 22, 2022

Latest company case about Added light

Supplementary light is used to fill in dark and shaded areas of the scene. Key light is the most noticeable light source in a scene, but complementary light can provide depth of field and a realistic feel.

An important source of supplemental light is natural diffuse reflection, which is often referred to as ambient light. This type of light is important in part because it enhances the brightness of the entire scene. Unfortunately, most renderers apply ambient light uniformly throughout the scene. It reduces the overall darkness of the scene, eliminates some possible features, and does not shape any light or shadow on the illuminated object, which is the main reason why the scene does not look realistic.

A BETTER WAY TO SIMULATE AMBIENT LIGHT IS TO PLACE LOW-INTENSITY SPOTLIGHTS OR FLOODLIGHTS IN A REASONABLE POSITION IN THE SCENE. This type of auxiliary light should reduce shadow areas and add some light to the bottom and corners that cannot be directly illuminated by the key light.

In addition TO natural scattered or AMBIENT LIGHT IN the SCENE, SUPPLEMENTAL light is USED to illuminate areas that are too dark or to emphasize parts OF the scene. They can be placed opposite key lights to soften shadows.latest company case about Added light  0

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