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The light base

August 18, 2022

Latest company news about The light base

Understanding these simple lighting basis, when we create works, if the scene needs lighting to illuminate, then there is evidence to find, but understand these are still far from enough, in many cases, the artist's own artistic accomplishment and aesthetic understanding will also affect the creation effect of the scene.

The following specific analysis once you are ready to use "light" light up a scene, should pay attention to the following questions: 1. What type of environment is in the scene?
There are usually three types of scene lighting: natural light, artificial light, and a combination of the two.
The representative natural light is sunlight. There are several other issues to consider when using natural light: what time of day it is; Is it sunny or overcast; Also, how much light in the environment is reflected around?

Artificial light can take almost any form. Any type of environment illuminated by electric lights, fires, or both may be considered artificial. Artificial light is probably the most common of the three types of light source. You also need to think about where the light is coming from and what the quality of the light is. If there are several light sources, which one is the primary light source? It is also important to determine whether to use colored lighting. Almost all light sources have a colored hue rather than pure white.

The last type of lighting is a combination of natural and artificial light. When filming in bright outdoor areas, photographers and lighting technicians sometimes use mirrors or auxiliary lights to mitigate harsh shadows.

2. What is the purpose of lighting?


In other words, what is the tone and atmosphere of the scene? Expressing a tone in the lighting is crucial to the appearance of the whole image. In some cases, the only goal is to see one or several objects clearly, but usually this is not the case and the actual goal is quite complex.


Lighting helps to express an emotion or direct the viewer's eyes to a specific location. Can provide greater depth to the scene and show rich layers. So when creating lighting for a scene, you can ask yourself, what tone do you want to convey? Does your lighting enhance the story?


Are there any special lighting effects in the scene, and if so, should they be created with lights or through other means?latest company news about The light base  0

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