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The side light design

July 27, 2022

Latest company news about The side light design

The role of side light is to create a sense of direction of the light source from the side of the stage, which can be used as auxiliary lighting to illuminate the actors' faces, strengthen the level of scenery, and render the characters and the stage space environment. The Angle, direction, distance, type and power of the light will cause various side light effects.
Arrangement and projection method of lamps:
The distance and Angle of the side light vary greatly from near to far, and the shape light comes from one or both sides.
Can emphasize, highlight the profile, suitable for the performance of relief, figures and other effects with a sense of volume.
Unilateral light can show a strong effect of Yin and Yang.
Bilateral light can represent splint light with personalized characteristics,
But it is necessary to adjust the ratio of front auxiliary light and side light to obtain a more perfect modeling effect.latest company news about The side light design  0

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