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Top light, backlight design

July 26, 2022

Latest company news about Top light, backlight design

The top light is placed directly above the figure and scene, and can be projected forward, backward or vertically.
Its function is to carry on the necessary lighting to the stage depth performance space, lamps and lanterns can adjust the lighting mode according to the performance needs;
No matter forward projection, reverse projection or vertical projection of the top light, that is, as the basic light form of large area light, also act on local lighting and special lighting.
Arrangement and projection method of lamps:
The first top light connects with the surface light to illuminate the starring area. Pay attention to the height of the figure when connecting.
The first top light position can be used as the fixed point light, and select some lamps to strengthen the fulcrum lighting of the performance area;
The second lane to the fifth lane can be directly to the back of the stage according to the needs of the plot,
It can also be projected vertically downwards or forwards as a backlight;
Thus, the lighting of the stage figures and scene space is strengthened.
Front and back row light connection, so that the stage performance area to obtain more uniform color and brightness.latest company news about Top light, backlight design  0

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