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. Design scheme of stage lighting floor exhaust system

August 8, 2022

Latest company case about . Design scheme of stage lighting floor exhaust system

On the contrary to the sky platoon lamp, the ground platoon lamp is a light that scatters the light lamp from bottom to top to cast light and render color to the lower part of the stage curtain. It is usually used with the sky platoon lamp to make the color change more abundant. The lamp is used in combination with a single lamp. Lamp arrangement and projection method: rows of lamps are evenly placed in front of the curtain of the stage, used to invert the curtain of the sky, to show the horizon, horizontal line, sunset, etc., usually used in conjunction with the sky row lights, so that the light color changes more abundant. The new type of ground row light and sky row light is similar to LED sky row light, WM-543 for rendering background color;

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