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Ten thousand magnesium light hair

August 10, 2022

Latest company case about Ten thousand magnesium light hair

Based on depth on the school stage, stage lighting engineering hall, multi-functional conference room, hall, sports venues, lecture hall, the overall solution is roughly similar, the use of the properties of all sorts of lamps and lanterns is relative to the stage of configuration, the surface light, light box on the ear, column, is the main function of the characters on the stage with the scenery to earn a little illumination and configuration, Optional LED imaging light, LED spotlight, LED COB light; The top light area is used to project from the top of the stage, so that the characters and scenery on the stage can get enough illumination and color rendering. LED three primary color meeting soft light can be used for stage lighting, LED dyeing light for stage rendering effect, and head shaking pattern light for stage dynamic rendering effect and three-dimensional dynamic effect!latest company case about Ten thousand magnesium light hair  0

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