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Design of stage lighting slap system

August 1, 2022

Latest company news about Design of stage lighting slap system

The light from the slap room on both sides of the audience to the stage, as the stage in front of the oblique direction of the modeling light, to enhance the lighting effect and three-dimensional sense of characters and scenery in front of the side; Slap is the auxiliary light of face light, with open shape of characters and scenery; The color atmosphere and illumination of the stage can be rendered from both sides; Slap a few arrangement projection method: lateral and medial cross projection, lateral and medial projection together; When two rows of slaps with the same light color are projected at the same time, the lamp with high position usually projects the far-light area, and the lamp with low position projects the near-light area. The type of the new slap lamp is basically the same as that of the surface light lamp. Both of them are mainly LED light source lamp, WM-200M LED19° imaging lamp, WM-200CT LED spotlight and MAX-CL200 LED200W COB surface light lamp. The focus and light distribution are carried out according to the light casting distance to ensure the effect of surface light projection. Uniform light spot, consistent illuminance. Choose professional slap lamp, to have high color index, high color reduction, strong light three-dimensional sense, prevent glare, spot uniformity and other characteristics; The arrangement and projection of slap and lamp and surface light is basically the same;latest company news about Design of stage lighting slap system  0

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